Chaffetz: Obama Administration is Shielding Clinton

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI chief James Comey elevated politics over justice when they allowed Hillary Clinton to skate free despite her mishandling of classified emails.

Reports The Washington Free Beacon:

Chaffetz said on Fox News he had concerns after the hearings that Clinton was not indicted for political reasons and that the Obama administration would not allow it to happen while imposing a different standard on Clinton than the average American would face.


“They are treating her different, and I worry that there are two tracks of justice, that Lady Justice takes off that blindfold if the name is Clinton and that, I think, is at the root of why America is so concerned about this,” Chaffetz said.


“There are two different standards because if you’re the average Joe, doing your job, sharing classified information, you’re probably going to be in handcuffs and you’re probably going to jail,” Chaffetz added.


Fox News host Martha MacCallum, who was interviewing Chaffetz on Wednesday, then referenceda poll that shows 56 percent of the American people disagree with the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Clinton.