Clinton is Massively Outspending Trump on TV Advertising

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has spent $52 million on ads while Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t dropped a single dollar on them.

NBC News reports pro-Clinton groups have added another $39 million in advertising, while pro-Trump groups have added $8.2 million. In fact, Trump is being outspent on advertising by Libertarian Gary Johnson and Gren Party nominee Jill Stein.

Total Team Clinton: $91.1 million

  • Clinton campaign: $52.3 million
  • Priorities USA Action: $37.1 million
  • Vote Vets: $1.1 million
  • Women Vote!: $616,000

Total Team Trump: $8.2 million

  • Trump campaign: $0
  • Rebuilding America Now: $5 million
  • NRA Victory Fund: $3.2 million