Huntsman Calls for Redistricting Reform

Former Governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate Jon Huntsman says gerrymandering has made general elections “irrelevant.”

Speaking to an audience at the College of the Holy Cross, Huntsman decried the current “hyper-partisan” political environment in America.

From the Worcester Telegram:

Political redistricting has caused 70 percent of the country to become politically predictable, Mr. Huntsman said; he called for independent redistricting commissions to help the country get beyond gerrymandering.

The intense partisanship has made general elections almost irrelevant; he said nouveau terms like being “primaried” have come into fashion. 

He recalled participating in the presidential debates before dropping out of the race after a third-place New Hampshire primary finish, in an environment he said seemed more tailored to memorized lines and entertainment. 

“This is the best we can do?” Mr. Huntsman asked.