McMullin says Clinton is Too Corrupt to be President

Evan McMullinIndependent presidential candidate Evan McMullin says he launched his longshot bid for the White House because America deserves better leadership than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“I’d like to make the case that we’ve got to think in a different way about our vote. This is our opportunity to put a stake in the ground about what we support and what we think and what kind of leadership this country needs,” said McMullin. “When we make a lesser of two evils decision, what we do is ensure that we continue to have weak leaders. That’s what we have in these two nominees. We’ve gotten leaders who put their own interests first.”

McMullin was a guest on the “I Have Questions with Bryan Schott” podcast. Much has been made of his distaste for Donald Trump, given that McMullin is also a Republican. But, he also says Americans should be very skeptical about Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for office.

“She’s deeply corrupt, and the whole country understands that,” he said. “She’s willing to sacrifice our national security to protect her own corruption. I think that combination is absolutely unacceptable, especially in this era where Americans think their voices aren’t being heard. We simply cannot have a president who believes she’s unaccountable to the American people.”

McMullin acknowledges launching his quest for the White House toward the end of the 2016 election cycle leaves him at a significant disadvantage, but he does believe there is a path where he can win. That blueprint involves denying Trump and Clinton the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, which would throw the election to the House of Representatives, where McMullin hopes he would prevail.

To do that, McMullin will need to win electoral votes, and that means winning states. Where does he think he has a chance of coming out on top?

“We’re focused on the mountain west; that’s an important region for us. It’s a region that handed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump some of their worst defeats in the primaries. Virginia and Minnesota are states that we’re watching closely. We think we can have a real impact there.”