Pilot Program Pays to Leave Water in Colorado River

The Utah Division of Water Resources, in partnership with the Upper Colorado River Commission, is continuing a demand management pilot program that is intended to study the effectiveness of water conservation measures on Lake Powell elevations.

Participating water users have foregone diverting about 3 billion gallons of water already as a result of the program.
The UCRC is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to invite users of the Upper Basin States Colorado River System (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming) to submit proposals for pilot program water conservation projects (the RFP, which includes more detailed information, and the application form are attached).  The Funding Partners and other stakeholders have committed approximately $1.8 million towards one-year projects in the Upper Colorado River Basin for 2017 that demonstrate the effectiveness of temporary, compensated, and voluntary water savings actions. 
Proposals must be received by Nov. 30, 2016. Those interested should contact Robert King, Utah Division of Water Resources Interstate Streams Engineer: [email protected]801-538-7259.
“We hope to see a variety of proposals come in from Utah water users. We are still studying the benefits of the program and what kind of difference it can make,” King said.