Colbert: Someone I’ve Never Heard of Could Win Utah? (with video)

20161020 Silver ColbertIndependent candidate Evan McMullin is making an unexpected play to win Utah’s six electoral votes. However, most people outside of the Beehive State have no idea who he is, or that he’s a presidential candidate.

Wednesday night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the politically savvy host was discussing the 2016 election with polling savant Nate Silver. Silver mentioned McMullin’s surge in Utah, which left the host completely flabbergasted.

COLBERT: Who is undecided at this point?

SILVER: They are people who really don’t like either candidate. There’s this guy, Evan McMullin in Utah who is literally someone no one ever heard of. He’s now leading in some polls of Utah because Utah is weird and people are so fed up with the major candidates.

COLBERT: “He’s running for president in Utah?”


SILVER: “Yeah.”


COLBERT: “What’s his name?”


SILVER: “Evan McMullin.” 


COLBERT: “So, there’s a guy I’ve never heard of who might win the electoral votes in Utah?”


SILVER: “Yeah. Like, literally no one ever heard of him until 10 days ago.”


COLBERT: “10 days ago?”


SILVER: “He moved from 10-percent to 31-percent in the polls in the span of about a week.”



That, right there, is the Herculean task ahead of Evan McMullin. He is only on the ballot in 11 states, and the vast majority of voters don’t know who he is.

Watch the segment below: