Podcast: Bernick and Schott on Politics – Episode #303

Bernick and Schott on Politics 480Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott explain the “what, why and how” of Utah politics.

Is the 2016 presidential election over? Bryan and Bob seem to think so. The only question left is how big will Hillary Clinton’s eventual victory actually be and will Donald Trump accept the results?

Could Clinton make a play for Utah? No, not really.

Could Democrats take control of the Senate or, perhaps the House?

Polls show Evan McMullin is on the rise in Utah, even though most of the country has no idea who he is. But, if he wins Utah in November, it could have some big implications for down-ballot candidates in Utah.

Sen. Orrin Hatch is making noise about running for another term, but he could have some stiff competition in 2018, including former Gov. Jon Huntsman.

Plus, Bob explains how Donald Trump being a “dingleberry” may cost him the White House and Bryan is so confident that Hillary Clinton will win, he vows to “do something gross” if she loses.