Local Headlines 10-24-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Paul Rolly: Utah is looking at legislation that could make the state more relevant

Op-ed: Why McMullin is a mirage in the Utah desert

Editorial: Time for the 3rd District to give Stephen Tryon a try

Editorial: S.L. mayor, council must start collaborating

Monumental decisions

Evan McMullin tells Utahns a vote for him is a vote for ‘a new conservative movement’

Rolly: Utahn gets top prosecutor’s post in war-crimes probe, but couldn’t land job as U.S. attorney for state

Business among Salt Lake City’s homeless: corpses, tents and maybe a store exodus

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Near-final thoughts on a repulsive presidential campaign

Ralph Becker: Utah needs to become a 2-party state

Randy Shumway: Sustainable and effective assistance for our homeless population

Op-ed: Republicans must unite behind the party’s nominee

Op-ed: A bailout Utahns can’t afford

Boyd Matheson: GOP also has a looming Man problem

Editorial: Dismissing Latter-day Saint, religious voices is perilous ‘opiate’ to the masses

State lawmaker, two others appointed to be 4th District judges

Lawmakers to fix gas tax revenue dispute among Utah cities, counties

Native American chairman says Jewell order lacks equality for tribes

Clinton, McMullin campaigns seizing on Trump’s stagnation in Utah

Steamy and hot Utah: Geothermal power leases return after 6-year hiatus

‘True Democrat’ takes on incumbent Republican in U.S. Senate race


Editorial: Utah County must direct more resources and focus to mental health care (Daily Herald)

Evan McMullin: Presidential campaign has already achieved success (Daily Herald)

Facing election rematch, U.S. Rep. Mia Love underscores work for her district (Daily Herald)

Misty Snow wants to bring working-class representation to the U.S. Senate (Daily Herald)

Ousted fire chief blasts ‘toxic’ South Weber governance, elected officials (Standard-Examiner)

County Council election: Erickson, Rhodes discuss perspectives on growth, leadership (Logan Herald Journal)