News release: Senator Orrin Hatch endorses Jon Huntsman for Governor

Governor Jon Huntsman has been endorsed by Utah legend, Senator Orrin G. Hatch. Senator Hatch announced his support for Governor Huntsman’s gubernatorial bid citing Huntsman’s bold vision to double Utah’s economy as an example of the kind of leadership Utah is in need of at this critical time. 

“Utah has long trusted Senator Hatch and I’m honored to continue to earn his confidence and his vote,” said Governor Huntsman. “We have Orrin to thank for so much of Utah’s progress, and we have a lot more work to do to continue Utah’s success. I am asking for the vote of all Republicans in the June 30 primary so we can put into action my plan to double Utah’s economy.” 

Senator Hatch issued the following statement endorsing Governor Huntsman:

“This year’s gubernatorial race boasts an impressive group of candidates and dear friends—but one individual stands out: Jon Huntsman. Utah is the crossroads of the West with the potential to become the crossroads of the world. Jon embraces this bold vision of the future and has the proven leadership to make it a reality. 

As a governor, he laid the groundwork for the largest economic expansion in the history of our state. And as an ambassador, he deftly navigated global politics to advance American interests abroad. 

That’s why I have every confidence in his ability to double our economy over the next decade and secure Utah’s position on the international stage. 

The Huntsman name has long been synonymous with doing and serving, and I know Jon will serve us well. I am proud to support his candidacy for governor.”

Governor Huntsman has received an endorsement from a host of Utah leaders, including U.S. Senator Mike Lee, Representative Mia Love, and most recently former gubernatorial candidate Jeff Burningham. Last week, he became the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to receive the endorsement of Equality Utah. 

The closed Republican Party Primary is being conducted through a vote by mail system. Ballots have already been sent out and they must be returned by June 30.