Poll: Utahns Say Hillary Clinton Will Win the White House; Trump or McMullin will Carry Utah

Hillary ClintonUtahns are a pretty practical bunch, even when it comes to presidential politics.

And it appears they have been reading the polls – and mostly believing in them.

A new survey for UtahPolicy conducted by Dan Jones & Associates finds that most Utahns believe Democrat Hillary Clinton will win the White House this year – even if most don’t plan on voting for her.

But who will win Utah?

Well, that is very much the question.

Jones finds:

  • 37 percent of Utahns believe Trump will win the Beehive State, and the 6 Electoral College votes that come with it.
  • 36 percent say it will be independent candidate Evan McMullin.
  • Only 12 percent say Clinton will be the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Utah since 1964.
  • 5 percent, together, guess some other candidate will win.
  • And 8 percent don’t have any idea.


As reported previously, Trump leads McMullin by 1 percentage point when Utahns are asked who they will vote for in the top race.

And Trump leads McMullin by one percentage point when asked who they THINK will win in Utah – an interestingly similar response.

Clinton has never been popular in Utah, no doubt going way back to her husband’s first presidential run – where Bill Clinton finished third here in 1992, the only state he did so.

Now she is likely to finish third in Utah, just as Bill did so many years ago, the new survey shows Utahns believe.

But even Utah Republicans believe Clinton will win the presidency this year.

Jones finds:

  • 44 percent of Republicans think Clinton will get the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House.
  • Only 28 percent of Republicans say their own party’s nominee – Trump – will win the presidency.

McMullin doesn’t even register in national polls, getting 1 percent or less of the vote. Thus, Jones didn’t give McMullin as a choice in who will win the presidency.

  • Still, 12 percent of Utah Republicans said someone “other” than Clinton or Trump will win the presidency, and McMullin would be in that “other” category.
  • 93 percent of Utah Democrats say Clinton will win the highest office.
  • While 59 percent of political independents here agree.
  • 45 percent of Utah Republicans believe Trump will win Utah on Nov. 8.
  • 41 percent of Republicans say McMullin will win this state.
  • Utah Democrats are more optimistic about Clinton – 31 percent say she will win Utah, 27 percent say Trump will carry the state, while 24 percent of Democrats say McMullin will win.
  • 36 percent of political independents believe McMullin will win Utah, 32 percent say it will be Trump, and only 15 percent believe Clinton will get the most votes here.