National Headlines 10-31-16

Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is run (Guardian)

US officials see no link between Trump and Russia: report (The Hill)

GOP seeks boost from FBI down ballot (The Hill)

Justice Department seeks to speed up FBI’s Clinton probe (Politico)

CNN Dumped Donna Brazile. It Should Keep Going. (Politico)

Obama’s Israel Surprise? (Wall Street Journal)

Pulse nightclub: Chilling 911 tapes capture killer’s voice (CNN)

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Surveillance of Muslims by New York Police Department (New York Times)

Rogue Tech Billionaire Thiel Defends Trump — And Says He’s Not Alone (NBC News)

Standing Rock pipeline protest was absent from Facebook Trends (TechCrunch)

Stocks slide in October; US election in focus (CNBC)