‘Political Insiders’ Make their ‘Fearless Predictions’ for the 2016 Election

Vote ButtonsElection day 2016 is less than 48 hours away. We asked our “Political Insiders” and readers to make their “fearless predictions” for what might happen on November 8.

Below, you’ll find many those predictions; some serious, some not-so. As always, they remain anonymous.

“Half of America will wake up on Wednesday, fearing that the sky is, in fact, falling.”

“We wait two weeks to find out who won Utah for POTUS. McMullin wins, and we wait until January to find out the winner. Utah House, D’s pick up three seats but lose 1. 2 net gain.”

“1) McMullin will win Utah, with Hilary closer than anyone would expect. 2) The Democrats will pick up four seats in the Utah House and two in the Utah Senate. 3) At least one prominent incumbent Utah legislator will be defeated. 4) Hilary Clinton will win the presidency.”

“Trump scrapes out a win in Utah, but gets hosed nationally. Everything else goes according to planned in the Beehive (GOP dominance) except in SL County where McAdams rolls and Kanter shocks Snelgrove and squeaks at a win at the council level. Out on a limb – Dems will pick up five seats in the Utah House, including at least one total shocker.”

“Hillary wins in a landslide. Trump spots a Latino pigeon and chases it off a cliff, falling to his death.”

“When the next campaign finance reporting deadline arrives after the election, various State School Board and local board races will show large influxes of late money from Republican sources.”

“So many people fed up with the idea of a Trump or Clinton Presidency will write in Mickey Mouse. On closer inspection, we’ll see that indeed Michelle “Mickey” T. Mouse of Grand Rapids South Dakota is an eligible write-in candidate in all 50 states. Thusly, our first woman president isn’t Hillary Clinton, but instead Mickey Mouse of the new Bull Moose Party. President Mouse, Welcome Aboard!!!”

“There has been so much chaos created, whether real or perceived, that things are “rigged” that I predict we won’t have any idea who has been elected POTUS by the end of the day. This thing is going to get drawn out a bit, and we may not know in November. This will be much like the election of THE YEAR 2000 in more than just Florida! (Sung like the old Conan O’Brien year-2000 skits, shining flashlights on my face in the dark while I sing.) I’m not happy about it, however. Nor is it funny.”

“Trump wins, the seventh seal is broken, and we experience 1,000 years of darkness. Also, McMullin wins Utah.”

“Trump by 4 points. As a result, Schott & Bernick stroke out. However, they both insist on continuing to edit UtahPolicy from inside their secure rubber rooms located at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute. Because, for giggles, a new feature shows up in the talking points: a rating of Schott’s & Bernick’s cognitive ability for that day. The Webbs are left to clean up the mess and, after nine months of this nonsense, hire more stable personalities such as Michele Fields and Michael Moore to replace Schott & Bernick.”

“Clinton will win the Presidency unless some strange set of circumstances will cause the decision to go to the house (then, we will have a decision in about 2 1/2 years or so… Remember, ESEA Re-authorization took 7 1/2 years.). McMullin will win Utah. Our present delegation to Washington will remain intact. Governor Herbert will still be the Guv. The Legislature will still be very lop-sided with our Republican Monster Majority, with too few gains for the Dems. All that being predicted, after consulting my trusty Hasbro Eight Ball, may I suggest: Our election laws need to be changed so that our election cycle is not so endlessly long. The UK does it in something like 90 days. Even 120 days would be preferable to this drawn out mess. I am suffering from PESS (Pre, or Post-Election Stress Syndrome).”

“All statewide offices will go to incumbents. Presidential will be Trump, McMullin, Hillary in that order. Trump will get less than 50%. Trump will win the general. Few if any prominent people who threatened (or promised depending on your perspective) to leave will move out of the country.”

“There is nothing fearless in Utah. Herbert will win. Hillary will be elected President. Dems may pick up one legislative seat The rest of the fantasy world that we know as “Utah Values’ in Utah will remain the same. “

“McMullin will win in Utah, but Hillary will win the presidency with an electoral college vote of more than 300.”

“Doug Owens and Misty Snow announce they have been having an affair and are the new Utah power couple.”

“The winner will face credible impeachment charges within one year in office. Alternatively no matter who wins Obama grants a blanket pardon to Hillary.”

“The sun will come up Wednesday morning no matter who wins–in spite of claims by each presidential campaign to the contrary. Also wouldn’t be surprised if Trump never concedes the race, even if it isn’t close–assuming he loses. If it is close, wouldn’t be surprised to see a Trump legal challenge merely to stay in the spotlight and maintain the persona.”

“Trump wins. Dems pick up two seats in the House, one of them being in Weber County. Mia wins. Schott calls me on Nov 9 asking me how I knew this would happen! ;)”

“The Democrats will pick up five seats in the Utah House.”

“Clinton will win. Lee will win. Herbert will win. Love/Chaffetz/Bishop/Stewart will win. McAdams will win. Democrats will take control of the US Senate but not the House. Utah Democrats will win 3-5 seats in the Utah State House and no additional seats in the state Senate. By the end of this year, there will be a new Utah Senate minority leader and House minority leader.”

“Hillary wins with Trump coming in 3rd. Herbert wins. Chaffetz, Love, Bishop, and Stewart are all reelected. A couple of legislative districts flip–Cutler loses, Anderson’s former district flips, Dunnigan barely wins. Salt Lake County turns to a 5-4 Dem majority. Republicans blame James Evans.”

“Huuuuge landslide for Donald Trump. Wins OH, NC, FL, IA, NV, CO, and most impressively PA.”

“Clinton wins with over 300 electoral votes Herbert wins with over 68% Lee wins with over 70% Love wins with less than 7% GOP holds the House and Senate by barely holding in NH, WI, and NC, picking up NV, and falling in IL.”

“Clinton wins narrowly. The Senate slides to the Democrats. The House retains the majority but loses one to two dozen seats. Utah surprises Donald Trump by handing six electoral votes to Evan McMullin.”

“On Wednesday morning, November 9th, I will wake up, kiss my wife as I leave for work and still be obliged as a good Boy Scout to treat people with kindness and courtesy and to love my children unconditionally. The big things won’t change for me.”

“Trump pulls off the upset and wins. The minority vote just doesn’t show up for Hillary, and this is the last time in history we have an all-white ticket. On the other side the Republican civil war continues and much like the Marvel civil war it’s just entertainment for politicos but nothing changes in the real world. The biggest shocker of all to Utah LDS voters is that the sun will still shine the next morning and life goes on.”

“Clinton wins the popular vote and the Electoral College. Utah goes to McMullin. Trump supporters are arrested in several cities for intimidation of voters and face federal civil rights charges. Trump refuses to make a concession speech and keeps the news cycles in high gear for over a week as he ‘considers his legal options’ before finally conceding that he has no legal case to contest the results, and sort-of, kinda concedes that Hillary will do a passable job in the White House. Herbert will be Governor of Utah until he decides not to be. Spencer Cox will tire of being the second banana and will run for Senate when Hatch declines to run in 2018. Our current Congressional delegation will be retained. The Sagebrush Rebellion will flourish, having been watered and fertilized by the acquittal of the Bundys in Oregon. The price of oil will slowly rise, bringing up the economy in the Uintah Basin, and vindicating Rob Bishop, who will still not be able to pass his PLI, since the House will be majority Dem, as will the Senate.”

“Karen Kwan picks up House 34 for the Dems. Jamie White very, very narrowly loses to Sue Duckworth in House 22. Bruce Cutler keeps his seat barely. Mike Winder wins big in House 30. Nationally, nothing changes.”