Op-Ed: Are These the Values Utah Democrats Want us to Stand For?

Rep. Francis GibsonOur House Minority Leader has accused Republicans of abandoning their traditional values, and calling Donald Trump a symptom of that abandonment.

If supporting the presidential candidate of one’s party equates to acceptance of the moral and ethical foundation of that nominee, then the stink of rot and corruption coming from the pile of values exposed as belonging to Hillary Clinton ought to give us pause.

And let’s not forget that many Democrat leaders of this state, including our good House Minority Leader, were the standard-bearers for Clinton when the anti-establishment candidate, Bernie Sanders, was decrying the family’s corruption. They defended her and justified her actions. We have recently discovered more about her actions than the Clinton family ever wanted us to see. 

In yet another recently released explosive WikiLeaks email, Clinton is shown to have known that the Clinton Foundation was taking money from governments that were funding ISIS, while at the same time denying their involvement. It’s reasonable to ask whether her official denials were a result of the money they were paying, with her knowledge, into her family foundation or if the lies were simply for the sake of lying.

For the Democratic party to support a leader who operates with this level of arrogance, greed and dishonesty is truly astonishing. It’s bad enough how we’ve seen in recent weeks that Hillary Clinton’s job at the State Department was used to enrich the family and their foundation, but her willingness to potentially become indebted to those paying organizations to torture, rape, kidnap and murder Christians and others on a mass scale is simply staggering.

Let’s hope these aren’t the new values of the Democratic Party and that our Minority Leader and his fellow Utah Democrats stand up and loudly proclaim their rejection of the values of ISIS and Hillary Clinton.