What is the Chamber’s Inversion Mitigation Initiative?

Winter inversion season is upon us, and that’s why the Salt Lake Chamber, in partnership with TravelWise and the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), is launching the Inversion Mitigation Initiative, which encourages businesses to engage their employees in simple voluntary actions that contribute to decreasing vehicle emissions and keeping our air clean. 

By completing a simple form and selecting which TravelWise strategies your business will implement, your company or organization will be considered a Salt Lake Chamber Clean Air Champion. Clean Air Champions are business leaders in our community that show dedication to our State’s well-being and benefit from bottom line savings, enhanced employee morale and recognition from business community peers. With your commitment to improving air quality, especially during the inversion season, the Chamber will recognize your efforts by sharing best practices and highlighting your successes to other businesses and the general public. 

Poor air quality can negatively affect company and employee recruitment, increase health care costs, place additional regulatory burdens on business and even put Utah’s federal highway funding at risk. By making decisions that improve air quality, businesses and employees will help to strengthen our economy and prevent these outcomes.  

UCAIR said it best in a recent blog post: “we can’t control when inversion will come or go, but we can control the emissions we release. Even simple changes to our daily routine can have a big impact on Utah’s air quality.” Echoing their words, the Salt Lake Chamber believes that as the Utah business community works together, we can reduce the negative effects of inversion and improve our air quality. 

To participate in the Chamber’s Inversion Mitigation Initiative or for more information visit cleanairchampion.com.