National Headlines 1-4-17

Man tortured on Facebook Live for being white, Trump supporter (New York Daily News)

Scuttled Ford plant has Mexico fearing more under Trump (Associated Press)

GOP launches long-promised repeal of Obamacare with no full plan to replace it (Washington Post)

Donald Trump’s fight with America’s spies (CNN)

California lawmakers bring Eric Holder in as they prepare to battle Trump administration (Washington Post)

How Christie’s top aide shook Bridgegate and won over Trump (Politico)

Omarosa gets job in Trump White House as ‘public liaison’ leader (USA Today)

Pro-weed organization to hand out free joints on Inauguration Day (CNN)

Congressman’s office cites rabbit saga as evidence of ethics office overreach (CNN)

Rex Tillerson Holds as Much as Half a Billion Dollars in Assets (Wall Street Journal)

Oil lobby bullish on Trump, GOP Congress (The Hill)