Downtown Alliance and Pioneer Park Coalition announce formal partnership

The Downtown Alliance and Pioneer Park Coalition announced a formal partnership. Recognizing a significant number of similar objectives and goals for downtown’s burgeoning Rio Grande neighborhood, the grassroots-led Pioneer Park Coalition will contract with the Downtown Alliance to provide communication and advocacy efforts.

“The Downtown Alliance has been invested in the historic Rio Grande neighborhood from the outset of our organization, beginning with the launch of the Downtown Farmers Market over twenty-five years ago in Pioneer Park,” said Downtown Alliance executive director Jason Mathis. “Realizing we share several mutual goals with the Pioneer Park Coalition, we’ve joined forces to encourage development, improve quality of life for residents and better care for homeless families and individuals.”

The goal of this partnership is to leverage current and ongoing developments, renewed community interest and ongoing changes to Utah’s approach to homeless service. It takes a unified effort to revitalize Pioneer Park and the surrounding neighborhood. The Alliance and Coalition will maintain separate boards, leaders and funds, but will share in messaging, administrative and outreach plans. Both organizations remain dedicated to a vibrant, safe and welcoming neighborhood for all residents and visitors.

 “There are many wonderful things happening in the Rio Grande neighborhood,” said Bryson Garbett, board chair, Pioneer Park Coalition. “As investment in and around the park continues, our coalition wanted to build on this momentum to make our community safer and better.”