Press release: TRUCE prepared to take it to the people

The Utah Legislature has again chosen to ignore the cries from thousands of patients in this state who beg for relief from chronic and terminal illness,  and a safe alternative to dangerous and addictive opiates. Friday’s announcement by lawmakers‚ to only back research into medical cannabis, is proof that they will never get serious about the needs of patients in Utah.

TRUCE was organized to be a voice for the people of Utah who are suffering and afraid to stand up to the legislature alone. After the news today we are more determined than ever to make sure that their voice is heard loud and clear.

We have worked tirelessly for years to get the Utah legislature to listen. We had hoped to be able to educate them and pass a bill through the legislature that would meet everyone’s needs. The result of today’s press conference has unfortunately proven this is no longer a possibility.

TRUCE will aid in forming a separate Political Issues Committee for the sole purpose of preparing and passing a ballot initiative that will legalize the medicinal use of cannabis in Utah. This will be a broad coalition which will place this decision where it should have been all along—with the people.

Christine Stenquist, founder of TRUCE, stated after hearing the press conference announcement this morning, “The legislature only wants to do a regulatory framework and taxpayer-funded research that is unnecessary and duplicative. This path forward continues the victimization of patients in Utah. We are surrounded by states that have whole plant cannabis access and our sister state Idaho has decided to move forward on a ballot Initiative. It is time for Utah to do the same.”

You can find more information and facts on the medical benefits of cannabis at our website ( Further information on the ballot initiative will become available in the near future.