Utah producers could help Trump create jobs

The State of Utah could experience an increase of 1,027 jobs from a potential 25 percent increase in oil and natural gas production, according to John Dunham & Associates. A shift to pro-development policies by the Trump Administration could bring the job total from the upstream oil and natural gas sector in Utah to 13,634 and 196,421 nationwide.

“The Trump Administration and Congress are addressing overreaching regulations from the Obama Administration, which means we can get on with responsible development of American oil and natural gas,” said Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Alliance. “Pres. Trump has clearly signaled a shift away from punishing the industry to actually encouraging domestic production. As a result, the western oil and natural gas industry could help him create jobs and economic opportunity across the nation.

“Correcting past policies that stifled development means that western producers could increase production by as much as 25 percent. Simply by moving forward with environmental analyses for projects held up over the past eight years could unleash new development. Rolling back redundant regulations is also necessary. For instance, the Senate should finally take a vote on overturning the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) venting and flaring rule already passed by the House.

“Western Energy Alliance has many other ideas for reinvigorating energy development on non-park, non-wilderness public lands while still protecting the environment. We look forward to working with Interior Secretary Zinke on policies such as increasing certainty in the leasing process, ensuring BLM field offices follow the law when it comes to permitting applications, and working cooperatively with states on sage grouse protection.”

As of October 2016, western upstream producers supported 177,058 jobs across the country, according to the Western Oil and Natural Gas Employs America economic model developed by John Dunham and Associates. The model quantifies the impact from just the oil and natural gas exploration and production (upstream) sector in the western states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

To see where western oil and natural gas companies are creating jobs and economic growth, visit westernenergyalliance.org/EmploysAmerica.

Western Energy Alliance is a non-profit trade association representing more than 300 companies engaged in all aspects of environmentally responsible exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the West. More information on Western Energy Alliance and its members is available at www.westernenergyalliance.org.