National Headlines 4-6-17

Trump offers Xi steak, not a Big Mac, at Mar-a-Lago (Politico)

U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack (NBC News)

Trump: Syrian strike is in ‘vital national security interest’ of United States (USA Today)

To Revive Health Bill, GOP Adds an Obamacare-Like Subsidy (Bloomberg)

Donors’ Enthusiasm for Trump Energizes RNC Fundraising (Wall Street Journal)

Bannon wants a war on Washington. Now he’s part of one inside the White House. (Washington Post)

With Gorsuch filibuster, Democrats embrace a ‘political’ Supreme Court (Washington Post)

How World War I changed the world forever (FOX News)

President Trump should like what’s in Friday’s jobs report (CNBC)

Iowa Obamacare market gets second big hit as insurer Aetna says it will drop out in 2018 (CNBC)

Trump and Warren Agree? Maybe, on Plan to Shrink Big Banks (New York Times)