National Headlines 4-10-17

Congress Sinks Into Partisan Morass as Shutdown Threat Looms (Bloomberg)

Split opens between Washington and London over Syria after Theresa May refused to back new strikes on Assad (The Sun)

Donald Trump’s action in Syria proves he is not in league with Putin, says his son Eric (Telegraph)

Trump orders military advisers to prepare plans to hit North Korea (Mirror)

Tensions at ‘tipping point’: Why Donald Trump had to act on North Korea now (News Corp Australia)

Robert Bentley, Alabama Governor, Resigns Amid Scandal (New York Times)

Gorsuch sworn into Supreme Court, restores conservative tilt (Washington Post)

Trump to meet with CEOs on infrastructure, tax reform (The Hill)

Here’s a list of everyone Hillary Clinton blamed this week for 2016 (she’s not on it) (Washington Examiner)

House Freedom Caucus member Justin Amash suggests time for Ryan ouster, blasts Trump (CNN)

Yellen Says Fed’s Focus Has Shifted to Holding Growth Gains (Bloomberg)