National Headlines 5-2-17

White House aims for Thursday signing of religious liberty executive order (Politico)

Did Too Much Caitlyn Jenner Doom ESPN? (Politico)

Why a Congress that’s protesting wasteful spending wants $77 million more for itself (McClatchy)

Berkeley Plans to Fight Left-Wing Violence With ‘Laughter Yoga’, Singing and Bubbles (Heat Street)

Stephen Colbert in Hot Water Over ‘Homophobic’ Donald Trump Joke (Variety)

Provocateur-in-Chief Trump Pokes His Own Party’s Power Centers (Bloomberg)

GOP bill hung up on pre-existing conditions (The Hill)

Influential GOP lawmaker latest to say no to revised Republican health care bill (FOX News)

Clinton blames misogyny, FBI, Russia, herself for 2016 loss (New York Daily News)

Heritage Foundation board ousts president Jim DeMint (Washington Post)

United CEO, airline execs face latest group of unhappy customers: Congress (Chicago Tribune)