Point of the Mountain Development Commission presents phase one research findings

The Utah Legislature’s Point of the Mountain Development Commission released the Point of the Mountain Phase One Report prepared by Envision Utah.

In a presentation to the commission at the Utah State Capitol, Envision Utah reported the findings following months of research and public outreach.

“Research is critical to the Point of the Mountain undertaking,” said Co-Chair Rep. Lowry Snow. “It is important to have input from the public, key stakeholders, employers and residents impacted by our effort. We are grateful to Envision Utah for their work and to the many Utahns who have weighed in so far, and look forward to incorporating the feedback we’ve received in the next phase.”

The key findings include ideas and comments from thousands of Utahns on concepts, goals and issues that need to be addressed in the consideration of the Point of the Mountain area. The report focused on economic growth and quality of life.

For example, transportation was mentioned by both public residents and stakeholders as a significant concern four to five times more often than anything else. Education, a national research facility, and strategic infrastructure planning also ranked high for the economic success of the Point of the Mountain. Many Utahns also rated recreation, greenspace, walkable communities and reduced air pollution as important considerations or outcomes.

“We are pleased with the response we’ve received through our online surveys and public workshops,” said Robert Grow, chief executive officer of Envision Utah. “We know Utah residents care about their communities. They want continued growth of the economy, access to outdoor recreation and short commutes. We will take that to heart in our planning and proposals moving forward.”

Envision Utah’s presentation marks the completion of one of three phases in the commission’s objectives. In addition to public outreach, phase one also included identifying best practices and examining similar projects in other locations and relevant demographics, employment, real estate and infrastructure data. The second phase includes collaborative planning and the creation of growth scenarios that will be presented for public and stakeholder feedback later this year. Phase three will include the exploration of financial options and resources for implementing a publicly supported vision for the area.


The Point of the Mountain Development Commission was created during the 2016 Legislative Session by H.B. 318. The commission is a unique entity comprised of local officials, private sector representatives, and state officials from both the legislative and executive branches. It is tasked with providing recommendations on infrastructure planning and financing tools to develop the area joining Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

To access Envision Utah’s complete report, visit PointoftheMountainFuture.org.