Jim Winder Named Moab’s Next Chief of Police

Moab City Mayor Dave Sakrison appointed current Salt Lake County Sheriff and Unified Police Chief Jim Winder to be Moab’s next Chief of Police on Tuesday morning, subject to confirmation by the Moab City Council.

“Jim is the consummate public safety expert with decades of relevant experience,” said Mayor Sakrison. “His approach to policing is exactly what Moab needs right now and I am heartened to know he will lead our department into the future.”  

Jim is a career public safety professional with over 30 years of experience leading, building, and sustaining high quality public safety institutions in Salt Lake County. He brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and energy to the position of Chief.

“Moab is a place I’ve visited and admired for many years,” said Winder. “It’s a dynamic environment with many challenges and opportunities ahead.  I am excited to work with the fine men and women of the Moab City Police Department as well as the Mayor and Council for many years to come.”

The City’s dedicated employees welcome Jim and his family to the Moab community. The Moab City Council will consider the Mayor’s appointment in June.