National Headlines 6-5-17

Spotlight falls on Theresa May’s mixed security record (Politico)

The ‘pure terror’ of the London Bridge attack (The Hill)

A Virginia imam said female genital mutilation prevents ‘hypersexuality,’ leading to calls for his dismissal (Washington Post)

Journalists keep getting in trouble for tweeting (Axios)

Trump seizes on London attack to push domestic crackdown (AFP)

NSA Leaker Is A Bernie Supporter Who ‘Resists’ Trump (Daily Caller)

Louisiana congressman on suspected Islamic radicals: ‘Kill them all’ (CNN)

Senate GOP eyes July vote on healthcare (The Hill)

Knives, brass knuckles and axes confiscated at Portland protests (FOX News)

Supreme Court will decide whether police can use cellphone data to track suspects (Los Angeles Times)

US-Mexico sugar deal struck ahead of NAFTA talks; industry divided (Reuters)