National Headlines 6-6-17

McConnell whips Senate GOP back in line on Obamacare repeal (Politico)

Trump, furious and frustrated, gears up to punch back at Comey testimony (Washington Post)

Faking ‘wokeness’: how advertising targets millennial liberals for profit (Guardian)

Republicans worried about leaks consider cutting back surveillance authority (McClatchy)

Britain braces for election in wake of terror attacks (AFP)

Travel to the United States rose in April (Reuters)

Trump, GOP plot path for agenda (The Hill)

Sandoval weighs bills for clean energy, Medicaid for all (Associated Press)

Privatizing Air Traffic Control Beats the Status Quo (National Review)

Wall Street slips ahead of UK vote, ECB, Comey testimony (Reuters)

There are more job openings than EVER right now (CNBC)