Sutherland Institute launches new national campaign

Sutherland Institute announced a campaign centered on one simple, powerful reality: Economic prosperity is greater when family prosperity thrives.

This campaign seeks to connect economic policy and family policy in the minds of federal, state and local policymakers, religious and civic leaders, and community-minded citizens.

A joint project by Sutherland Institute and the American Conservative Union Foundation, the Family Prosperity Index (FPI) measures more than 50 of the economic and social factors that show how families experience prosperity. A state that scores well on the FPI is one that is moving toward the goal of creating family prosperity. For more information on the Family Prosperity Index visit

In 2000, 35 million Americans were on welfare. By 2013, that number had doubled.In the past few decades, 2.3 million Americans have served time in prison leaving millions of children to suffer emotionally, academically and financially. Sutherland Institute believes we can make a difference if we use the family as a roadmap for change.

From Sutherland President Boyd Matheson:

“Strong families are a driving force for good. If we want to improve education, cut crime, reduce poverty and solve our nation’s problems, we need to strengthen families … and not just our own families – the families in our communities, too. We can pave the way for economic prosperity, grow the private sector, and improve the lives and futures for children across the country. When we strengthen one, we strengthen another. That’s the power of the family.”