Downtown Alliance statement – Immediate steps for Rio Grande


Over the past week, several incidents in the Rio Grande neighborhood have reminded us all that this is a neighborhood in crisis.

For the past three years, the Downtown Alliance has called for a coordinated response from all levels of government, service provider and business leaders. We recognize the significant efforts that have already been made, even as we acknowledge that more must be done. To that end, we support the following immediate steps:

1)     Salt Lake City’s planned infrastructure improvements to create a safer environment

2)     A coordinated state-wide effort acknowledging this is not just a Salt Lake City or Salt Lake County problem

3)     Additional jail beds in Salt Lake County and a coordinated effort from state leaders to ensure these beds are made available immediately

4)     Enforcement of existing camping ordinances and changing operations at the Road Home to avoid queuing for beds outside of the shelter

5)     Heightened cleaning and clearing of discarded personal items in the neighborhood on a weekly (or more) basis

6)     Relocation or operational changes to the State Liquor Store on 200 West and 400 South

7)     Additional state-wide funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment

8)     Additional state-wide investment in affordable housing

9)     Continued support for Salt Lake County’s Collective Impact Agenda and long term approach to homeless services

10)   A re-commitment for public and private leaders to work together in good faith to address the crisis