Local Headlines 7-31-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Scott Anderson: Success in Provo recommends Curtis for Congress

Op-ed: New thinking needed to help the homeless

Op-ed: Dying in front of our eyes: It’s time to stop telling stories about homelessness in Salt Lake City

Editorial: Ex-Wayne County attorney raises questions that deserve answers

After Republican effort to gut Obamacare dies, Utah’s Mike Lee says the Senate ‘failed the American people’

Moscow escalates tensions with the U.S. as ex-Utah Gov. Huntsman awaits confirmation as ambassador to Russia

Utahns still split on new DUI law, but big majority want changes before it kicks in

Two Republican candidates to replace Chaffetz snipe at front-runner John Curtis

Biskupski declares local emergency following flooding in Salt Lake City

Gehrke: Final Republican defeat on Obamacare creates opportunity to solve U.S. health care problems

Ted Cruz in Utah to rally support for Chris Herrod’s run for Chaffetz’s congressional seat

Utah labor unions, teachers rally for public schools

In many Utah jails, there’s no doctor in the house — and sometimes no nurse

Support grows for ballot item angling for more school money

How did Salt Lake City’s homeless district get so bad and why can’t we fix it?

Deseret News

Frank R. Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb: GOP vs. GOP, county consolidation and government health care

Op-ed: Utah would rank as the world’s 53rd largest economy if U.S. states were nations

Editorial: Salt Lake City must push forward on the plan to battle crime in Rio Grande

Sen. Mike Lee: Senate failed American people in rejecting ‘skinny repeal’ of Obamacare

Rep. Chris Stewart proposes bill to crack down on government leaks

Rep. Bishop supports bill for more recreation on public lands

Cost of cleaning up after homeless rising

$163K cost of S.L. mayor’s bodyguards raising questions

Some barbs in 3rd Congressional District GOP debate

Sen. Ted Cruz rallies Utahns to vote for Chris Herrod, ‘a real conservative’

Outdoor Retailer organizers bid fond farewell to Salt Lake City

John Curtis: No political party has ‘exclusivity on everything that’s good’

Tanner Ainge throws himself into rough-and-tumble game

Chris Herrod: I believe in Republican platform


Editorial: Daily Herald endorses John Curtis for special election primary (Daily Herald)

Why jobs come to Provo, then leave to go elsewhere (Daily Herald)

3rd Congressional District GOP candidates stress differences at debate (Daily Herald)

Ted Cruz stumps for Chris Herrod in 3rd Congressional District campaign (Daily Herald)