‘Political Insiders’ say Curtis should win GOP primary on Tuesday


Our “Political Insiders” and readers expect Provo Mayor John Curtis to win the GOP primary on Tuesday.

We asked our “insiders” and readers to pick the order of finish in the 3rd CD GOP primary on Tuesday between Curtis, Herrod and Tanner Ainge.
Nearly 81% of our “Political Insiders” said Curtis would finish first in the three-way race on Tuesday. 18% of that group said former Utah Rep. Chris Herrod would finish first, while a little more than 1% think political newcomer Tanner Ainge will finish first.
About half of our “Political Insiders” picked Herrod to finish in second place. 30% said Ainge would be in the second slot, while 19% chose Curtis to take second.
Almost 70% of our “insiders” picked Ainge to finish in third place, while 30% said Herrod would finish last. None of that group thought Curtis would finish in third.
Among our readers, 80% thought Curtis would win on Tuesday. 15% said Herrod would win, while around 5% thought Ainge would prevail.
Most of our readers thought Herrod would finish in second place (64%) and Ainge would be third (77%).
Selected anonymous comments:
The big spending RINO will win it all! And liberty will perish…oh no!
Please Lord, anyone but John Curtis and I do mean anyone. Lord, please do not make me vote Democrat for the first time in my life by denying Curtis the nomination, therefore, allowing me not to have to support Allen. Amen!
Herrod was a horrible choice. The far right will blame SB 54, but Curtis’ victory was ensured once the delegates doubled-down on stupid!
Thank goodness for the SB54 compromise!
I sure hope big money PACs do not win the day. Enough of the half truths, badly photoshopped pics, and mindless rhetoric. Let’s find a way in Utah to minimize this invasion of our local values.
Ainge and Herrod are turning people off with their out-of-state money and negative (and not entirely honest) campaigning.
We’ll see if there is enough outside money to put Herrod on top – but I think there won’t be.
The relentless, false attacks on Curtis have taken a toll. In this odd race, they’ve at once made him the frontrunner (based on polls) and the underdog (based on $). He’ll win because he’s got the best record and he’s the best candidate, but it will be too close for comfort.
We will see if Utah learned its lesson when it elected Trump. If Herrod wins, Utah hasn’t learned a thing.
If I am right, do I win a prize? Perhaps a better representative for the Third District?
I hope that the attack ads will backfire. These big special interest PACs are a determent to our elections (and obnoxious as heck).
Sanity will prevail, and Curtis will overcome the onslaught of outside money. Residents of the 3rd District will show that the delegates once again do not represent the voters and will give ammunition to the Count My Vote folks to eliminate the caucus/convention system.
Don’t have to like it, but the RINO Curtis wins.
Why would anyone vote for Ainge? If you want a moderate pick Bennett and if you want a conservative, pick Herrod.
I don’t see how Ainge gets out of 3rd place. The moderates will vote Curtis, and the crazies will vote Herrod. There isn’t much real estate left over to begin with, and I’m not sure exactly who Ainge is trying to appeal to.
Whoever wins, the 3rd District loses. This was a condensed election with less than stellar candidates after the convention. Many people are hoping that a serious contender runs in 2018.
It takes 7k signatures to get on the ballot but getting those same 7k people actually to vote is another story. Without a bigger race driving turnout, Herrod will win.
I can live with Curtis. It speaks volumes (all of it bad) that Herrod and Ainge are endorsed by Ted Cruz and Jake Anderegg.