National Headlines 8-13-17

Marijuana politics emerge as 2020 flash point (Politico)

Powerful Venezuelan lawmaker may have issued death order against Rubio (Miami Herald)

Scaramucci: Elements Within Washington and White House Are Trying to ‘Eject’ Trump (Free Beacon)

Police ‘stand down’ blamed for Virginia chaos (New York Times)

Fear of ‘violent left’ preceded events in Charlottesville (Washington Post)

Pence Defends Trump From Critics of Charlottesville Remarks (NBC News)

Trump suspects Bannon of leaking, putting job in jeopardy (Axios)

Amid 2020 buzz, Warren urges Democrats to reject centrist policies and move leftward (CNN)

GOP Senate candidates lukewarm on McConnell (Politico)

Elon Musk: AI more concerning than North Korea (The Hill)

Wrath of right falls on Google (The Hill)