Sutherland Institute welcomes new board members

Sutherland Institute welcomed two new board members: Derek Brown and Brad Harr. The announcement came from Stan Swim, chairman of the Board of Trustees.

“Adding Brad and Derek to our team at Sutherland Institute is part of our ongoing effort to strengthen and expand Sutherland’s reach and influence,” Swim said. “Combining their talent and experience with that of our current board members will further the institute’s mission: to promote the principles and policies that foster a strong free market economy, a flourishing civil society, and robust community-driven solutions.”

Sutherland Institute President Boyd Matheson also voiced his support:

“Both Derek and Brad will play a critical role in advancing the Sutherland dream,” Matheson said. “These men already live by empowering principles. They are both perfectly suited to assist us in promoting principled patterns for governing as well as implementing public policies that will be the envy of, and set a standard for, the nation.”   

Brown joins Sutherland’s board as current managing partner of Utah Policy Advocates.

“Sutherland Institute has a proven record of thought leadership,” Brown said. “I’m thrilled at this opportunity to participate in its mission to create empowering principles, elevated dialogue, enlightened public policy and newly engaged citizens.”

Harr is the founder of Injury Smart Law, based in St. George.

“Sutherland Institute is truly a guardian of timeless principles,” Harr said. “I’m eager to join its march ultimately leading us to the kind of local and federal government we need.”

About Derek Brown:

Derek Brown is currently managing partner of Utah Policy Advocates. He previously served as a vice president at 1-800 Contacts, a Utah-based technology company with almost 1,000 employees. A former member of the Utah House of Representatives, Brown served as deputy chief of staff to U.S. Senator Mike Lee and as chief counsel to U.S. Senator Robert F. Bennett in Washington, D.C. An attorney by training, Brown practiced law in Washington, D.C., with the international law firm of Sidley & Austin, and clerked for the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. He is an adjunct professor of law at Brigham Young University, serves as the vice chair of the Advisory Board for Intermountain Homecare, and serves on the board of trustees for the Hale Centre Theatre. He and his wife, Emilie de Azevedo, have four children. 

About Brad Harr:

Brad Harr is the founder of Injury Smart Law, serving personal injury clients in Utah, Nevada and Arizona. He received his juris doctorate from the Cecil C. Humphries School of Law, in Tennessee, and a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Utah. Now living in St. George, Harr and his family are active in their community; they have sponsored and participated in 156 events in the last year, including the St. George Marathon, Washington Cotton Days, Santa Clara Swiss Days, St. George’s Fourth of July Celebration, and many other charitable events. Harr believes that making a difference in the community means rolling up your sleeves and going to work. He has served on leadership boards including the Southern Utah Bar Association, Leadership Dixie, Scott Matheson Inns of Court, Utah Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Professionalism, and Boy Scout events of all levels. Brad is married to his best friend, Marta, and is an active father to their five sons and four daughters.