Most Utahns agree with Trump when he says ‘both sides’ are to blame for the violence in Charlottesville

Most Utahns agree with GOP President Donald Trump when he said “both sides” were responsible for violence in a recent white supremast incident in Charlottesville, Va., a recent poll finds.

Trump stirred up controversy when, during the white supremast/neo-Nazi march, there was fighting between two groups and one anti-Nazi protester, a young woman, was hit by a driver from the other side and killed, said there was violence on both sides and that there were “good people” on both sides.

While most Utahns agree with the president, there are strong differences between political groups here, finds Dan Jones & Associates.


Basically, Utah Republicans, conservatives, and active Mormons agree with Trump, while others do not.

Some of Jones’ numbers:

  • 52 percent “somewhat” or “strongly” agree with Trump’s statement that there was violence caused by both sides of the demonstrators.
  • 42 percent disagree. And 5 percent don’t now.
  • Younger Utahns disagree with Trump’s statements: 52-31 percent of those aged 18-24.
  • But those aged 55-64 agree with Trump on this, 60-37 percent.
  • Republicans agree with Trump, 72-22 percent.
  • Democrats say Trump is wrong by saying there was violence on both sides, 88-10 percent.
  • And political independents disagree with the president, 51-43 percent.
  • Those who told Jones they are “very active” in their LDS faith agree with Trump, 51-42 percent, on this issue.
  • While those who said they have no religion disagree with him, 75-22 percent.

Salt Lake County residents disagree with the president, 57-39 percent.

While all the rest of the state stand with Trump on this one.

Finally, Utah is overwhelmingly white, with few minorities. Thus, when Jones polls he finds few racial or ethnic minorities in his samples.

Still, since this issue is somewhat based on race, it is noteworthy to see that 51 percent of white Utahns agree with Trump, while 42 percent disagree.

All the minority groups – while very small in the sample – disagree with Trump on the violence responsibilities in the Virginia incident.

Jones polled 608 adults from Aug. 30-Sept. 5. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.97 percent.