‘Scene’ on the Hill – Day #4

A quick look behind the scenes of the 2018 Utah Legislature from our reporters.


Joking aside, the House Republican caucus on Thursday had a brief presentation on how to avoid kidney stones — as GOP Gov. Gary Herbert prepared to go into surgery to remove a stone this week.
House Majority Whip Francis Gibson, R-Mapleton, said he had a stone several months ago, and he got through it with pain pills and treatment.
Gibson said he met earlier Thursday with Herbert, who was looking pale, clearly in pain.
Herbert’s stone is big — 9 millimeters — about the size of a dime. That’s why surgery is needed, it isn’t going away by itself.
One cause — high caffeine diet — with House Speaker Greg Hughes being kidded for all of the Red Bull energy drinks he has each day.
Best wishes for Herbert’s quick recovery.
During the daily Senate media availability, a member of Senate Republican leadership (who shall remain nameless to protect their identity) wandered into the room well after the start of the event.
The unnamed Senator leaned down to a reporter to ask what topic was being discussed. After receiving the answer, the Senator rolled his eyes, laughed, then walked out.
Needless to say, they probably didn’t want to get roped into that conversation.