Local Headlines 1-30-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: State prison costs should be clear going forward

Opposition to Our Schools Now’s $715M tax hike falls to its lowest level yet, poll shows

Two-word bill on Utah charter schools aims to solve enrollment problem before it starts

Senate approves replacing Utah’s D.C. statue of TV inventor Philo T. Farnsworth with Martha Hughes Cannon

Lawmakers tweak already approved $1.5 billion in bonds for prison, highways

Utah legislators consider plan to allow ‘water cremation’ as an alternative to burial, traditional cremation

SLC airport set another record for passengers in 2017

Addicts swept up by Operation Rio Grande get a new, safe place to go after treatment

Bill would expand the list of death-penalty crimes, stirring concern it could jeopardize Utah’s capital-punishment law

State legislation coming to push inland port in undeveloped northwest Salt Lake City after wary city leaders just OK’d their own plan

Deseret News

Op-ed: Don’t let stereotypes of intolerance hinder our communities

Editorial: Quality education requires appropriate funding

School locks bill moves passes Utah Senate

Senate OKs replacing TV inventor statue with Martha Cannon statue

Salt Lake Chamber visits Utah Capitol to kick off Clear the Air Challenge

Utah Senate committee advances bill clarifying bonding for roads, prison

Lawmaker wants death penalty option for killing ambulance drivers, security guards

Bill would make killing a police dog a second-degree felony in Utah

Insurers push back on bill requiring coverage of psychiatrists’ telehealth consultations

Operation Rio Grande program launched to house 150 in addiction recovery

Utah’s AIDS crisis, then and now: From one doctor in the 1980s to the U.’s new free clinic

Removing barriers: Utah puts new focus on students with disabilities