Stanard sex scandal likely won’t hurt Republicans in HD62

Will the bombshell resignation of Republican Jon Stanard last week put HD62 in play for Democrats this year? Don’t count on it.

Stanard stepped down suddenly on Tuesday night, citing personal and family reasons. News broke on Thursday that Stanard had hired a prostitute twice in 2017 for sex in Salt Lake City while he was on legislative business.

However, don’t think that the sex scandal will threaten to flip HD62 in 2012. 

Republicans dominate in HD62 according to voter registration statistics from political data firm L2. In fact, there are nearly 8 times as many Republicans as registered Democrats in the district.

  • 12,234 Republicans (59.97%)
  • 5,573 unaffiliated voters (27.31%)
  • 1,586 registered Democrats (7.75%)

Electorally, this district has not been hospitable to Democratic candidates. In 2016, Stanard ran unopposed. In 2014, Stanard beat Democrat Shirley Nelson by nearly a 4-1 margin. In 2012, Stanard defeated Democrat Brent Holloway by nearly a 3-1 margin.