Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Statewide Non-Discrimination Chances in 2014

Will the court ruling against Amendment 3 have any effect on the chances of a proposed statewide non-discrimination amendment during the 2014 Legislature?

Our political insiders and readers think the measure will fail, but they’re split on whether the bill will get fair consideration.

Selected anonymous comments:

“This was going to be an uphill battle to begin with. With all the defensiveness now surrounding this issue, it will be a miracle if the legislature doesn’t attempt some punitive law aimed to ‘strike back’ at the gay community and their federal protectors.”

“I hope it is quickly killed by the Legislature, it is a horrible piece of legislation. To force employers and landlords to abandon their personal beliefs is just wrong! Steve Urquhart is a disgrace to the Republican Party.”

“The majority of Utahns are unhappy and uncomfortable with the ruling, despite claims that the younger generation is fine with same-sex marriage. I think the likelihood of further measures passing is low.”


“Full civil rights is not an objective of the Utah Legislature.”

“While the non-discrimination proposal likely would have passed prior to the Shelby decision, the ‘dancing in the endzone’ since the Shelby decision will make it quite difficult to pass the non-discrimination ordinance now. Nevertheless, the non-discrimination ordinance will pass within the next 2 to 3 years.”

“People are so afraid of marriage equality that they will confuse it with basic civil rights.”

“It pretty much guarantees that the bill won’t get anywhere this year.”

“Shelby’s ruling, which spurred cries of judicial activism, followed up by the Supreme Court’s stay and the rally for equality at the Capitol, have led to retrenching by both sides in the gay rights debate. This bill is DOA.”

“I wish not, but I’m fairly confident that it will despite the fact that 80% of the state favors civil unions, and 50% favors marriage. But conservative legislators beholden to their arch-conservative delegates will do it out of revenge. They feel they have lost control of the state. They are desperate. And in a sense, they have if Count My Vote gets on the ballot.”

“Once again the right wing Republicans will control the debate. The governor will succumb to the pressure and not support the bill even if it did pass. He would veto it.”

“Unfortunately, the same sex marriage issue will dominate discussion and taint any objective debate on non-discrimination bills. That is really too bad as the state would be wise to pass them.”

“Let our prejudices reign.”

“The LGBT community won in court. In the absence of any judicial restraint demonstrated by Judge Shelby in denying a stay, the LGBT advocates should now exercise patience and restraint in pursuing their agenda. To push the anti-discrimination legislation in light of Shelby’s conduct will be viewed negatively, even by those that are inclined to ultimately support the effort. The LGBT community does not need to be perceived as ungracious winners that continue to demonstrate the boorish behavior seem immediately after the Shelby decision was announced. As one who supports the anti-discrimination proposal, it seems clear that Utah does not need to have their collective nose rubbed in the Shelby decision. With patience, the anti-discrimination legislation will pass in the future.”

“Amendment 3 has awoken the far right. They will fight non-discrimination even harder now that they have lost ground on gay marriage.”

“The mindless conservative backlash will kill it unless the LDS Church openly backs the proposal.”