CYBER 24 podcast: Price tag to protect your health data growing as hackers target your medical records

When you go to the doctor and fill out those forms on the clipboard, well all of that data eventually ends up in digital form.

You may not really appreciate just how much health-related data you have in various doctors’ offices, pharmacies, with your insurance company, but hackers find it very valuable. In fact, health-related data is among the highest priced on the black market.

So, just what are the primary concerns of healthcare officials when it comes to cybersecurity? And how do we protect systems from being taken over and held ransom? This week, we sit down with Mike Nelson, vice president of healthcare solutions and IoT security at Digicert. Digicert is the largest tech firm in Utah and a sponsor of our program. 

Healthcare cybersecurity spending is estimated to exceed $65 billion over the next five years. And that may not be enough to properly protect your data considering that 45 percent of all malware attacks were aimed at the health industry.

We talk with Nelson about his perspective on the healthcare industries approach to cybersecurity as well as how new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence will impact the industry.