National Headlines 4-9-18

Alan Dershowitz: Today is a ‘very dangerous day for lawyer-client relations’ (Washington Examiner)

China Is Studying Yuan Devaluation as a Tool in Trade Spat (Bloomberg)

Homeless in Seattle (Weekly Standard)

News is entertainment and entertainment is news (The Hill)

CBS execs are freaking out over looming Charlie Rose exposé (Page Six)

Mr. Zuckerberg goes to Washington — so let’s stop acting like he can’t handle it. He can. (Recode)

The biggest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is fake (CNN)

Troops sent by Trump to border will fly drones, gather intel — and clear brush, too (Washington Post)

Arizona Supreme Court strikes down in-state tuition for ‘dreamers’ (Arizona Republic)

Trump administration rewrites ACA insurance rules to give more power to states (Washington Post)

YouTube targets young kids with ads, say privacy advocates, urging FTC to investigate (Los Angeles Times)