Utah tops again in annual ‘Rich States, Poor States’ rankings

Utah ranks #1 in the American Legislative Exchange Counsel’s “Rich States, Poor States” index for 2018.

The annual rankings look at 15 factors including:

  • Personal income tax rate
  • Corporate tax rate
  • Property tax
  • Sales tax
  • Number of public employees
  • Minimum wage

Utah comes out on top in the “Economic Outlook” rankings again. The state has been #1 every year since ALEC started their rankings in 2008. 

In the individual rankings, Utah is mostly in the upper half in each category:

  • 17th in personal income tax rate
  • 10th in corporate income tax rate
  • 17th in property tax burden
  • 23rd in sales tax

Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota and Arizona round out the top-five in this category. Vermont and New York are at the bottom in these rankings.

Utah is #4 in the group’s annual economic performance rankings, which consider three factors:

  • GDP growth from 2006-2016. Utah ranks 5th with 48.3%.
  • Domestic migration from 2007-2016. Utah is 13th during that period.
  • Non-farm employment growth from 2006-2016. Utah is 3rd at 18.36%.

Texas takes the top spot in economic performance, followed by Washington, North Dakota, Utah and Colorado. New Jersey and Connecticut are at the bottom of those rankings.