Utah chef mixing politics and bacon

The secretive “Buckshot Caucus” is dedicated to Utah politics along with a healthy dose of bacon. Now, one of their members is mixing the two in a very real, and delicious, way.

Chad Pritchard, who is the Executive Chef and Owner of Oregano Italian Kitchen in Provo is curing and smoking pork bellies this week and has come up with some uniquely Utah recipes for his porcine fare that features a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek. He’s asking members of the Buckshot group to vote on which flavors he’ll end up making:

  • “.05 Thirsty Thurston bacon” (bourbon infused). A homage to Rep. Norm Thurston’s bill lowering Utah’s DUI level to the lowest in the nation.
  • “Sanpete Spencer bacon” in honor of Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox.
  • “Utah County Sweet and Salty bacon” – Only salt and sugar used. Utah County’s favorite seasonings.
  • “U of U bacon” – It’s pretty good bacon, but mostly just average. It thinks it’s better than it is, but it’s really just mediocre.
  • “Utah Democrat bacon.” Can’t win the vote, even if it’s the best choice.
  • “USU bacon” – No one really pays attention to it, and it’s really of no consequence.
  • “BYU Cougars bacon” – Sweet and smoky, finishes salty and bitter. Looks good on paper, starts out strong, but fades fast.
  • “Davis County Republican bacon” – Starts nutty, salty and loud. Finishes bitter and flat. It’s very expensive and is paid for by donors money.

Pritchard tells UtahPolicy.com he’s going to make the recipes that finish in the top three of the vote, and will serve them at a special dinner sometime this summer.