Listen to Republican Chris Herrod’s campaign robocall: ‘Like the bad guy from the Bible’ (with audio)

Chris Herrod is running a robocall targeting voters in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District ahead of the June 26 primary election, where he urges voters to remember his name by invoking the name of the man who tried to kill Jesus when he was a baby.

“This is Chris Herrod, I’m running for Congress,” the recorded phone call says. “I ask that you go to my website, That’s Herrod, like the bad guy in the bible but spelled with two ‘r’s.'”

The call then goes on to bash the media and rail against the national debt. He also takes a shot at his Republican primary opponent John Curtis.

“My opponent called me extreme because I believe Republicans should follow the platform, keep their promises as well as follow the Constitution and support the Trump agenda,” Herrod says in the call. 

Herrod is trailing Curtis badly according to our most recent survey which gives Curtis a massive 47-point lead over Herrod among likely GOP voters in the 3rd District.

Chris Herrod did not respond to requests for comment.