National Headlines 6-6-18

Rev Al Sharpton: Democrats ‘too tame to deal with Trump’ (Guardian)

DOJ watchdog finds James Comey defied authority as FBI director, sources say (CBS News)

Manafort Tampering Evidence ‘Almost Nonexistent’ (Lawfare)

Bill Clinton’s lame excuses for bad answers (Washington Post)

Sanders calls out DNC chair over endorsement of Cuomo (The Hill)

Trump’s commutation of a 63-year-old grandmother is an example of where his disregard for institutions pays off (Business Insider)

Napolitano: It’s ‘Unheard Of’ for FBI #2 Official to Request Immunity Before Testifying (FOX News)

How Villaraigosa lost the governor’s race despite tens of millions of dollars spent to boost his bid (Los Angeles Times)

Crisis averted: How the Democrats avoided disaster in California (CNN)

Donald Trump hopes to save America’s failing coal-fired power plants (Economist)

Mick Mulvaney Effectively Fires CFPB Advisory Council (NPR)