National Headlines 7-11-18

New Dem star to rattle DC establishment (The Hill)

Trump tells NATO leaders to increase defense spending to 4 percent (Reuters)

Trump Officials Slash Grants That Help Consumers Get Obamacare (New York Times)

Flake drops opposition to Trump’s judges after tariff vote (The Hill)

Ohio State wrestlers disagree over whether Jim Jordan knew of abuse (NBC News)

Most Americans oppose abolishing ICE (Vox)

Trump lashes out at ex-FBI lawyer Page (Politico)

Kavanaugh and the Culture Wars (Wall Street Journal)

A Soybean Surge Makes Trump’s Trade War Look Deceptively Good (New York Times)

Elon Musk says he will fund fixing Flint’s foul water (Ars Technica)

Trump got Pfizer to reverse its drug price hikes (Vox)