State of Utah launches statewide customer experience program with Qualtrics to better serve its citizens

The State of Utah announced that it is launching a statewide customer experience program focused on improving the experience of its citizens.

The program, run on the Qualtrics XM Platform™, will save the state money by doing more in-house research, consolidate all customer experience programs on a single platform, and help the state achieve its goal of 25% greater efficiency in government. Utah is the first state in the nation to adopt a statewide citizen experience program.

“We are excited to be partnering with the State of Utah on this incredible initiative. The team Utah has assembled is committed to providing great citizen experiences while also tackling major issues like the opioid epidemic that are impacting communities everywhere,” said Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics. “Every state in the US needs a program like this. Not only will it allow states to handle the major issues they have to tackle, but it will also allow them to more effectively attract top talent and cutting-edge organizations to their states.”

Utah, which has consistently been rated one of the best places to live, the best state for business, and the best-managed state, is focused on continuing to improve and lead. The state will deploy a robust citizen experience feedback program to better understand the needs of its citizens, proactively develop experience programs, and act on real-time feedback. This program demonstrates the state’s deep commitment to its constituents by ensuring that their voices are heard and feedback implemented.

“This statewide customer experience initiative is a true team effort on the part of the Utah legislature, executive branch and private sector as the state maintains its focus on making Utah the number one place people want to work and live,” said Stuart Adams, Utah State Senator. “By putting constituents first and making a direct feedback channel for them, the state will be able to understand and act on citizen feedback and continue to lead in important ways.”