Utah Business Coalition gives 32 ‘Champion of Business’ awards to Utah legislators

The Utah Business Coalition announced the 32 Legislators that are to be given “Champion of Business” awards. 

The Utah Business Coalition was formally organized in June of 2014 to protect and promote business friendly policies and candidates throughout the state of Utah. The Coalition is made up of 45 businesses and business associations across a broad spectrum of the economy. 

Each legislative election cycle, the Coalition intends to recognize “Business Champions” that have not only supported business friendly legislation through their voting record, but have demonstrated a proactive desire to enhance the business climate in the State of Utah.  To be eligible to receive the award, a legislator must be running for re-election in 2018 on the General Election ballot or be mid-term and planning to serve in the 2019 legislative session. This year’s champions are:

Sen. Stuart Adams

Sen. Jake Anderegg

Sen. Curt Bramble

Sen. Gregg Buxton

Sen. Lincoln Fillmore

Rep. Carl Albrecht

Rep. Kay Christofferson

Rep. Jim Dunnigan

Rep. Steve Eliason

Rep. Francis Gibson

Sen. Dan Hemmert

Rep. Steve Handy

Sen. Deidre Henderson

Sen. Dave Hinkins

Rep. Tim Hawkes

Rep. John Knotwell

Sen. Don Ipson

Rep. Brad Last

Sen. Jerry Stevenson

Rep. Dan McCay

Sen. Karen Mayne

Rep. Scott Sandall

Sen. Ann Millner

Rep. Mike Schultz

Sen. Ralph Okerlund

Rep. Lowry Snow

Sen. Evan Vickers

Sen. Todd Weiler

Rep. Robert Spendlove

Rep. Keven Stratton


Rep. Logan Wilde


Rep. Brad Wilson

Legislators will be formally presented with their “Champions of Business” awards at a breakfast event on Wednesday, August 15th, 2018.