Salt Lake County receives clean audit with zero deficiencies for its 2017 financial report

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams praised the accounting team in Mayor’s Finance for its 2017 external audit results.

As a result of external auditor Squire’s review, a decision was made that it was unnecessary to write a management letter for the county. McAdams noted the team has gradually decreased management letter comments from 11 in 2013 to zero in 2017.

Deputy Mayor and Chief Financial Officer Darrin Casper said that management letters would generally document a deficiency in internal control or other issue and include a recommendation for a remedy.

“I am particularly proud of the accounting team this year because of some complex changes required, including the creation of the Public Works and Other Services Enterprise Fund and the responsibility to compile seven additional entities’ financial statements—including five metro townships– during 2017,” said Casper. “Significant process changes have been implemented over the past couple of years to ensure accounting accuracy and transparency.”

McAdams said the county takes pride in ensuring financial compliance with all statutory requirements and GASB/GAAP accounting standards. Financial ratings agencies routinely cite Salt Lake County’s very strong fiscal management when it awards AAA ratings for bonds issued by the county. McAdams thanked Director of Accounting Shanell Beecher and Financial Reporting Manager Ben Hokanson for their outstanding work, along with all the members of their accounting team.