National Headlines 8-15-18

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo says America ‘was never that great’ (CNN)

Coordinated anti-Trump editorials ‘sure to backfire,’ critic warns (FOX News)

Mexico’s new president has a radical plan to end the drug war (Vox)

Giuliani to Mueller: ‘Write the damn report’ (The Hill)

Trump touts GOP primary victors as ‘the team we want’ for midterms (Politico)

Suspected ISIS member arrested in Sacramento County, allegedly committed ‘most heinous crimes’ (Sacramento Bee)

Alex Jones, Meet Peter Strzok (Wall Street Journal)

McCarthy stares down immigration protesters (Politico)

Paul Manafort trial: judge hands case to jurors after closing arguments (Guardian)

Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance (FOX News)

Leslie Moonves Accuser Shopping Tell-All Memoir (Hollywood Reporter)