Local Headlines 8-16-18

Deseret News

Editorial: U.S. military shouldn’t be given a blank check

‘Hot bench’ questions Count My Vote, state lawyers over ballot initiatives

Hundreds on treatment waitlists as leaders aim to expand year 2 of Operation Rio Grande

Crime lab misses goals for processing rape kits, says it will improve with more employees

Police group worried about enforcing recreational marijuana ban if medical use initiative passes

Families weigh in as lawmakers revisit gender-change bill

So far so good, city says of Salt Lake scooter issues

State workers makes less than private sector but have better benefits, Utah lawmakers told

Salt Lake Tribune

Trump’s team offers a new vision for Utah’s former Grand Staircase: Nearly 700,000 acres would be open to mining or drilling

What the new plans mean for mining, grazing, recreation and artifacts in Grand Staircase and Bears Ears

Salt Lake City wants input from residents before putting rules on development at the controversial new trading hub

‘Right now we basically have anarchy’: Utah lawmakers want to clarify the process for legally changing genders — though one suggested getting rid of it

Utah lawmakers may need to change some rules to allow e-scooters on downtown Salt Lake City streets

Count My Vote is asking the Utah Supreme Court to put it on the ballot, saying its opponents had unfair advantage in torpedoing its attempt to gather 132K signatures

Feds may require Utah to redesign, reissue all drivers licenses to make sure they comply with airport security

The planned Orrin Hatch Center is an ‘offensive’ vanity play, according to Utah’s Democratic Senate nominee

CBD could move out of stores and into dispensaries if Utah voters approve marijuana ballot measure, agency says

Utah’s medical marijuana ballot measure would violate Mormons’ religious beliefs, opponents say in new court filing, which initiative supporters call a ‘Hail Mary’


Ogden City looking to create another downtown redevelopment area (Standard-Examiner)

Nordic Valley ski resort developer faces questions, shouts on expansion plans (Standard-Examiner)