CYBER24 Episode 27: Have you been victimized by a breach?

Every time you hear about another data breach with exposing personal information on thousands of people you may wonder if your name is on that list now floating around the dark web.

Heck, you may even assume you were part of the breach. But how do you find out just how often you may have been compromised?

In some of the larger breaches, like the Equifax breach, the company may offer a way for you to find out if you have been victimized (though in that specific case, it didn’t go so well as someone not related to the company bought a domain that Equifax was mistakenly directing users to via its social media links – you really can’t make this stuff up).

Actually, there is a way to see how often and where you have been hacked. It’s on a website we discuss on this week’s episode of the podcast. Just go to There you can enter in your email address and it will show you how many times and where your personal data has been compromised.

In the second segment of our show, we talk with Sgt. Jeff Plank of the Utah Dept. of Public Safety’s cybercrime unit. He gives us some insight on a new email scam that drove hundreds of complaints in Utah. The interesting twist on this one? Scammer taking some of that stolen data and emailing you your own username and password and telling you they have already downloaded compromising videos, photos, etc. and demanding money not to send it to your friends, family or employer.

You can read an article about it here.