National Headlines 9-23-18

Poll: Voters say economy is good but worry about nation’s direction (CBS News)

Bloomberg to mull presidential bid after midterms (The Hill)

Trump may push antitrust probe into Google, Facebook (New York Post)

Giuliani: U.S. ‘Sympathizes’ With Attempt to Overthrow Iran’s Government (TIME)

Woman doesn’t recall party, ‘does not know’ Kavanaugh despite accuser’s claim, lawyer says (Washington Times)

Dem Sen. Mazie Hirono says abuse allegations against Keith Ellison should be investigated (CNN)

Top Democrat cites Kavanaugh’s ‘outcome-driven’ legal philosophy as reason to deny him due process (FOX News)

The Rebellion at Justice (Wall Street Journal)

Next crash will be ‘worse than the Great Depression’: experts (New York Post)

Russia and Iran, Military Allies, Are Fast Becoming Economic Rivals (Wall Street Journal)

As aid checks go out, farmers worry bailout won’t be enough (PBS)